9 anos no mercado; dezenas de pequenos e grandes projetos desenvolvidos; mais de 1.100.000m2 de geomembranas/geotêxteis dispostos e diversos quilômetros de tubulações instaladas por toda Nova Caledonia



Fornecedor de todos os tipos de materiais para a PROTEÇÃO do solo e GERENCIAMENTO de recursos hídricos


The company "Eau & Environnement" is specialized on the installation of HDPE, LLDPE, Bentonite and Bituminous geomembranes as well as pipelines for water systems, from any sort of materials (HDPE, PVC, PVCR, Biaxially Oriented, Cast Iron) and diameters.

The scope of work that can be carried out by our teams is very diversified, from the storage to the confinement of liquids and solids, the transport of water and other liquids via pipes, pumps, ponds, to the protection of water and soils, banks, beaches, channels, and other technical landfill sites.

Eau et Environnement is equipped with the machinery and vehicles essential to the perfect execution of the works entrusted to us. In addition to all the equipment for the placement of pipes and weld of geomembranes, the company is supported with the presence of a fleet composed of several pick-ups, one transport truck, one crane truck and several excavators and compactors. 

Along the years, the company proved itself reactive both in terms of feasibility, technical and financial studies. E&E is capable of mobilizing its teams instantaneously, at any time, place and even abroad.

The mutual trust between us and our suppliers (the majority of them located overseas) goes back to the beginning of Eau et Environnement. These valuable relationships are crucial and we are proud to delivery to our clients a wide range of materials with the highest quality standard available on the market.

Our workplace safety policy is very strict, as is our respect for the environment.

The goal that brings us forward is to allow the future generations to benefit from the same quality and quantity of water, as well as a better environment.

For more information, we invite you to have a look at our website. Feel free to contact Eau et Environnement using the form located at the end of every page. The contact is going to be managed on the best delay.


Filtration Pond

70m² Filtration Pond concluded in 3 days (La Foa - New Caledonia)​

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Pipe and Liner Certifications Renewal - TWI

On the month of april, our technicians had the opportunity to renew their piper and liner certifications. The formation conducted by a professional of TWI (UK) took place in Nouméa with the goal to evaluate the competences of our personel, as well as to share his experience and know how.

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Site Minier de GORO - New Caledonia

Project: Route Nord Kwé West

Start: 19/12/2016

End: 31/03/2017

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